Brief ceremony that consists of a short planning session and no need for a rehearsal.  (Can be performed without much prior notice.).  $100


Meeting to customize your vows, plan any special parts of the ceremony, and perform the service.  (If you desire my presence at the rehearsal, there is a $50 additional charge.) $200


We will work together to discuss what you want in your ceremony several weeks before the event.  I will draft a ceremony which includes the features you want.  We will meet again closer to the event to nail down exact wording, features, and incorporate any features you have a desire to include or edit.  We will discuss the location and how you wish to handle the specifics of what way the site will affect your ceremony.  You will receive a copy of your vows to ensure all is as you want.  (If you desire my presence at the rehearsal, there is a $50 additional charge.). $300